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A life less ordinary

Escape to the imagination

4 August
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  • wispycandle@livejournal.com
This is my writing journal.

This journal houses things that I write. They may be fiction or fanfiction or poetry or whatever it is I've decided to write. Each entry will have all the relevant details etc and all links to all works can be found on the Masterlist.
I am also showcasing other writers work that I like (for whatever reason). If you feel you have something that I will like or would like to be showcased, please contact me.

This journal may contain slash. Entries with slash will be marked. Certain entries will be marked as semi-slash or slash friendly if they have slash related ideas. Please use your own discretion.

Guidance to the rating system can be found on the entry marked 'Ratings' or you can click here for a direct link to it.

By all means read what's here, but please be kind and comment on work. Thank you.