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Missing a Button

This entry is slash friendly.  I would class it as semi-slash for want of a better word.

Title: Missing a Button
Author: ladyofsalzburg

Characters: Rubens Barrichello, Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson Button
Prompt: Jenson's Buttons / Bond
Rating: 12
Genre: Silly
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and has never happened.  I do not own or know any of the people involved.  Any views and ideas expressed are of the author only and do not indicate any real life preferences/incidents.  No harm or libel intended. 
Author's Note: This was from a prompt for a weekly drabble challenge.

Note: LiveJournal is being evil to me so links to things have gone somewhat haywire on this entry.


‘Holy crap, I’ve lost Jenson’s buttons!’

Heikki raised an eyebrow at Rubens and said nothing. The hotel lobby was not somewhere you’d expect to hear a statement like that. Rubens started rooting through his pockets, pulling out various things that amused Heikki, but still he didn’t comment.

‘He gave them to me because he knew I wouldn’t lose them...’ Rubens muttered under his breath.

‘What have you lost?’ Heikki asked eventually, amused after watching Rubens search almost everywhere he could without resorting to stripping in the lobby.

‘Jenson gave me his buttons to look after because he said he’d lose them’ Rubens said still searching.

‘His buttons?’ Heikki queried.

‘Yes, you know, for this party’

‘Oh... what’s he going as?’ Heikki asked.

‘James Bond... but you know how he likes his buttons’

‘His buttons....’ Heikki repeated.

‘Yes, the chocolate ones!’ Rubens replied just as Jenson stepped out of the lift into the lobby looking every bit 007 from the shiny shoes to the immaculate tux.

‘Rubens, have you got my buttons?’ Jenson asked.

‘Err.... erm..... AHA! Here they are!’ Rubens said excitedly, pulling out a packet of chocolate buttons from a pocket that Heikki thought he had already previously checked. Heikki tried to stifle his laughter but failed.

‘What’s so funny Heikki?’ Jenson asked him, eyeing the Finn who was perched seductively on a chair.

‘Oh, nothing really, just Rubens has been looking for them for quite a while’

‘Really....’ Jenson said raising an eyebrow

‘Heikki, what on earth are you wearing?!’ Rubens exclaimed, finally looking at Heikki who was wearing a long blonde wig and a floor length dress.

‘A dress, can’t you see that?’ Jenson commented.

‘What are you going to the party as then?’

‘Bond girl’ Heikki replied as he took Jenson’s arm and tottered out of the hotel.
Tags: drabble, f1, heikki kovalainen, jenson button, prompt, rubens barrichello, slash

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